Of the 7 1/2 habits the one that I find easiest is # 2. I like learning and tend to feel bored if my life becomes repetitive. I seek out new ideas and interests to stimulate my brain and creativity. I worked in concrete construction before becoming a teacher and continue to do so in the summer and in my free time. I have turned to concrete coutertops and tables using concrete as an artform. Two of my current dreams are to build my own concrete house and to use my concrete skills to team-teach a landscaping class with the art teacher at my school.

The one that I feel is hardest is number 5. Creating my own toolbox is difficult for me because of time and money. I enjoy learning very much but tend to become fragmented in my interests and responsibilities between work, family, and interests. This class should help me structure my technology interests and actually do them. I guess I could list off many skills and activities I would like to learn and do but can not get to all of them.

4 thoughts on “Thing3

  1. Greg Mileski

    Hi Mike,
    I feel your pain about the whole time thing. I love to learn and there are so many things I wish I could do and learn. Money is another setback too. Looks like you used your snow day to get some work done. Have a Great Christmas!

    See ya,
    Greg Mileski

  2. kax

    Good Christmas to you as well. My goal is to finish as much of this class as possible over break. With the time issue maybe we can start blogging to each other to help with ideas. I really want to use this stuff in the classroom.

  3. nattymama

    Hi Kax,
    It’s part of thing #3 to post a comment on another blog, but honestly I thought of mentioning before this, that I love the kitchen countertops in the above picture. Very cool to make something beautiful out of something often overlooked, like concrete.
    I am also impressed with how fast you are finishing this class.

  4. kax

    Thanks Nattymama,

    I have a separate website for my concrete work at if you want to see other stuff I have done.

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