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Mike is available for both virtual and in-person PBL & SEL workshops.

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Pulse of PBL  Workshop (3 days)

Meaningful Project Based Learning focuses inquiry on content and cultivates Social and Emotional Learning skills simultaneously. During this workshop educators will create their own PBL project integrated with SEL competencies by experiencing the PBL process themselves. Teachers from all levels and content areas will partake in a PBL environment full of protocols and structures instantly transferable to any classroom. This hands-on, comprehensive workshop will support teachers to confidently transition to SEL infused PBL inspiring students to change the world.

Transformative SEL

With the trauma surfacing after COVID, educators are concentrating more than ever on Social and Emotional Learning. Many teachers use mindfulness, yoga, and other exercises to help students center themselves, but these tools focus primarily on self-control and behavior management. The SEL competencies encompass so much more! Research shows that integrating SEL into the fabric of classroom culture brings significant academic gains. Discover how to effectively teach, practice, and assess ALL of the CASEL competencies in this hands-on workshop. SEL is the Pulse of PBL: the energy running through the veins of a project that gives life to PBL and transforms students into self-reliant learners. Using a Project Based Learning framework, each participant will develop a personalized plan to cultivate all of their students’ SEL skills. (Keynote, 1-3 day workshops. See this document for options).

Other Topics

  • Technology integration for remote learning
  • Competency Based Education
  • Design Thinking
  • Standards Based Grading
  • Historical inquiry and primary sources
  • Personalized, never standardized learning
Here’s what a workshop feels like: teachers engaged in meaningful planning.


Mike Kaechele is a foremost expert on Project Based Learning. He combines practical insights with thought-provoking questions in a style that is engaging, approachable and tailored to meet the needs of every participant. I have had the honor of watching Mike as a teacher and attending his conference sessions. In both contexts, he offers deep wisdom and practical insights in a way that empowers the learners. If you are looking for someone to lead a true workshop where participants are truly that – participating in the learning and ultimately in making something new – Mike Kaechele is the perfect choice.

John Spencer -author, speaker, professor, maker in Portland, Oregon.

Mike’s PBL workshop is unique in that it fuses teaching SEL skills into the PBL process. Teachers were enthusiastic to try out their projects with students, even during the stressful Covid situation. I would highly recommend Mike Kaechele’s PBL and SEL workshops for anyone who wants engaging PD that shifts teachers to authentic, student-centered learning.

Matt McCullough –Assistant Superintendent, Greenville Public Schools

I was told one lady said she found the hour your spoke more helpful than the three days we spent together in June.  Thanks for offering your insight and experience. When we debriefed the folks in the room were ecstatic about your resources. Your time and effort is GREATLY appreciated by me and many others!

Rachel Verschaeve -Educational Technology Consultant, St. Clair County RESA


Mike leads professional development on a multitude of topics from keynotes to workshops. Mike’s passion is student-centered learning through voice and choice. His expertise is a three day SEL infused PBL workshop that can change a school culture from teacher centered to a place where students’ passions can thrive. Mike’s style is honest and conversational. He practices what he preaches with interactive workshops where educators participate in the process and leave with practical skills ready to be implemented. All of Mike’s sessions are tailored to each audience and include practical templates and a plethora of resources.

Professional Development should not be “one and done.” PD should provide ongoing support to see effective, lasting change in the classroom. Mike offers short or long term coaching for schools both virtually and in-person. He provides whole group or small group workshops, classroom observations, and individual coaching. Sessions are customized for each school according to their individual needs. A whole day could be dedicated to one type of session or a mixture of options.

Mike recommends follow up sessions to the 3 day Pulse of PBL Workshop after teachers have finished their first PBL projects to reflect on their successes and areas for growth, and work time to build their next project.

Session Types

Whole group workshop

  • Small group worksop
  • Classroom observations
  • Individual coaching

Suggested Topics

  • Reflection on completed project
  • Calendar and planning future projects
  • Scaffolding for deep inquiry
  • Benchmarks for formative and summative assessment
  • Culture building in the PBL classroom
  • Managing successful groups
  • Effective coaching during project work time
  • Connecting with community partners

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