The article seemed utopian to me, but I would love to teach in a school that was like that! I am a middle school tech. teacher and my biggest reason for taking this class is to improve my own tech. skills and to become an advocate for technology in all classes. Right now technology is segregated into separate classes when it should be a part of the cores. We are doing lots of school improvement to increase MEAP writing scores, and I think Web 2.0 would be better motivation than anything that we are currently attempting.

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  1. Harold

    Hey, I am also a tech teacher, middle & high school, and I require journaling weekly. I train my students to put their thoughts into writing. One trick I use is asking them the question and when they answer, I tell them to put it down on paper. The shocked look is priceless!
    And we, at Comstock Park, sort of made Technology a core class. We kept the computer requirement, but based it on the state tech standards. We cover everything this class covers and more. We also use it to complete the online requirement.

  2. kax

    My utopian comments are about the time and commitment that it would take to get all teachers, principals, and other administrators to blog and read each other’s blogs.

    Also blogs are all blocked by the filter in our district.

    But the collaboration and using real world resources instead of out-dated textbooks mentioned would be great!

  3. Kim Blunt

    Kax, I’m responding to your question about our tech department, here and on my blog. Yes our tech department can make it very difficult to accomplish new things with technology. Now they have installed thin clients in the library and the thin clients can’t handle a lot of activities that I would like to do. They can’t handle the web page program we use, video editing, google earth, photostory and that’s only the list of items I have checked on so far. The tech department does have a huge job but I sometimes feel there is a conflict between what tech department and classroom use.

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