Paperless Class

I am in my 4th week of going “paperless” in my two 8th grade classes. You can see our class blog at The students have created their own blogs, but most are not past the template stage yet. I have created a post where we will document in the comments how many pieces of paper we use and for what purpose.

We are taking a break from blogging and building balsa towers. We used a wiki for our research. We will improve our blogs and post about the towers when we finish building them.

Greg from Middle School Tech Teacher and I are also giving an in-service training to teachers in our district on how to use Google Reader and Delicious. We are looking forward to spreading the news of Web 2.0!

One thought on “Paperless Class

  1. Ron Houtman

    Wow – your ideas about not killing so many trees is taking root! (hehe..)

    When you get a moment, I would be interested in some of your plusses and minuses of your new dead-tree-less class.


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