Using SEL for Equity in PBL

Recently I had so much fun recording an extended interview with Jared O’ Leary at #CSK8 Podcast. I have to admit this is probably my favorite podcast that I have done due to it being a longer format so that we can dive deeper into concepts and ideas. Here’s the description:

In this interview with Mike Kaechele, we discuss dismantling prejudices through projects, how to situate project-based learning within the community and for local impact, what can be learned when a project fails, the difference between projects and recipes, why social and emotional learning (SEL) is important, lessons learned teaching a variety of subject areas, differences between equity and equality in education, and so much more.

I have recorded quite a few podcasts over the years so here’s a complete list if you would like to listen to more:

Pulse of PBL

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Learn with me!

If you are interested in how your school can use a PBL framework to teach SEL skills. I would love to have a conversation on how I can help. I am scheduling PBL & SEL workshops for this summer right now. Check out my workshop page or drop me an email at I would love to chat and co-plan meaningful PD for the educators at your school.

One and done Professional Development is ineffective. Here’s a great little post about questions you should be asking before you hire a consultant. I would be glad to develop a vision with you!