Lots of fun toys at I can see that students would love to play with these. I think the key to successfully using them in class is to have clear expectations for the expected product that students are to create.

Personally I created a comic strip at I decided to make my class opener (their initial writing assignment when entering class) more interesting by putting it into a comic strip. Here it is It is simple, but engaging I think, when compared to it written on the whiteboard.

Future uses that I might use are to have students take pictures of their projects (pop bottle rockets, hot air balloons, balsa towers, etc.) and then create a movie poster or other application showing off their work. Maybe have some artistic students create their own comics for the school newspaper.

2 thoughts on “Thing5

  1. Kim Blunt

    Okay Kax, If I’m behind on my ‘things’ it’s your fault – way too cool stuff here. Perfect timing for me though because I was just discussing a project with a teacher about cartooning on the computer. I have seen some tools before but hadn’t had a chance to use them so I was going to do some searching for the current tools. This is great – perfect. Now if I can get the sites unblocked for school use. Thanks for sharing such great stuff.

  2. kax

    This comic strip is pretty rudimentary. Another site has a searchable database of famous cartoons and people. They are only one window that you can add a caption to.

    Warning: the bottom has a chat feature full of innappropriate webcam invitations. I am hoping that my district blocks the chat feature but not the site:)

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