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Lots of fun toys at I can see that students would love to play with these. I think the key to successfully using them in class is to have clear expectations for the expected product that students are to create.

Personally I created a comic strip at I decided to make my class opener (their initial writing assignment when entering class) more interesting by putting it into a comic strip. Here it is It is simple, but engaging I think, when compared to it written on the whiteboard.

Future uses that I might use are to have students take pictures of their projects (pop bottle rockets, hot air balloons, balsa towers, etc.) and then create a movie poster or other application showing off their work. Maybe have some artistic students create their own comics for the school newspaper.


Flickr is a good way to waste a snow day! I found many interesting images from around the world. For my blog I linked some of my concrete work to a slide show on the bottom. I can see how Flickr is a great way to show off all kinds of artwork to the world.

I have questions about school use though. I do not want to put pictures of students out there and many sites had names on them which I also want to avoid. So I have not quite figuired out how I would use this in the class room yet. We could show examples of student work.

I also have questions about copyright usage. If I sent students to research a topic in Flickr and use the images, can they use others’ work without permission as long as they are not publishing it? Can they make their own album of other people’s work as long as they give credit and link it???