Teach Paperless

Just a quick note to let you know that I will also be blogging at the  Teach Paperless blog. Formerly this was Shelly Blake-Price’s blog, but now he has opened it up to a group of people posting. My first post You don’t know me was posted this morning. As of right now I do not plan on cross-posting directly from this blog so you should expect at least slightly different content from there. I am excited to share with a larger audience and I hope you will join us in the conversations there.

2 thoughts on “Teach Paperless

  1. Tabitha

    I have never “met” or even heard of another class like mine, and here you are! I didn’t know you exsisted! I am so glad to have found you. My class is a Fine Arts and Technology Class where we use project based learning combined with the use of technology to learn about different aspects of fine arts (or whatever I feel like teaching that day…more or less). I team up with other teachers in my school so that hopefully we are using an interdisiplinary approach so that students also master content while in my class, but I never test. I am more interested that they learn the process rather than what the product is as well as the facts that they are trying to learn. I would love to email you and stay in more close contact to see what projects you are doing with your middle schoolers as well. I blog at:

    I would be really intrested in possibly doing a duel school project with one of your classes in the future if your interested too. Let me know.

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