End of keyboards and typing class?

This app is not new, but it is new to me. I just got the free download for Swype on my Droid. Now I do not even have a plan for texting because my fingers are so big that I never text. It is difficult for me to just type tweets on my phone. So when I tried this I thought it was great. It does not require precision, but works great! Check out the video to see how it works:

Now my thoughts quickly returned to my senior year in high school when I took one semester of typing class. I learned the basics and could only type around 25 words/minute. It was a year long class but I dropped it second semester to take weightlifting instead. My typing teacher was not happy with me, but I figured I could always practice more on my own time. Turns out maybe I won’t need typing skills at all soon.

I know typing is now taught in elementary schools, but will we get to a point where traditional keyboards are obsolete? With the love being given to the Ipad how long is it before all keyboards are virtual, and programs like Swype are so much better than typing. Of course what I need is a reliable speech to text app.

So are we wasting time in elementary school teaching typing? Schools of course will be the last to notice as they are still worried about teaching cursive.

2 thoughts on “End of keyboards and typing class?

  1. Carl

    I suspect that your speed is no where near 25 wpm, could be wrong though, prove it. I would rate 25wpm at the bottom of my class as its the minimum.

    So what about all the lost time not being able to keyboard? If you can’t get past 15wpm, its back to the pencil, more efficient at low speed.

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