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After the Call

I finished the Skype call with Linda Lowery and Richard Keep, wife and husband. Linda writes children’s books with Mexican themes and Richard illustrates them. I helped a 6th grade Language Arts teacher facilitate the call. The students prepared questions and learned about Mexican culture and why Linda choose to be an author. The students really enjoyed talking to them in live time while they were in Mexico.

My opinion of the Skype call was that it worked great. I projected their image on a large screen with my LCD projector. We had good audio and video feed the whole time. The students were a little bit shy. I think with more experience they would be more natural with it. I would like to try some kind of backchannel next time. I will have to find a platform that is not blocked or get IT to unblock it. The greatest part is bringing experts into the room from around the world. The sky is the limit with Skype!