So Binary Day is a cool day. It is a lucky day to the Chinese to get married. Why not have a baby?

You may have to click to my post to see the video. It is not showing up in my Google Reader.

Turns out locally (story) that one couple has had a baby each of the last three years. The birthdays are 08-08-08, 09-09-09, and now 10-10-10. An interesting story and the first thought I had are what are the odds of that?

I think this leads into an interesting problem/ discussion. I would ask students: “How random was this or do you think that they cheated?” Students could decide if they were “aiming” for these dates and if this is a truly “random” problem.

What do you think? Is this worthy question for your class and how would you use it?

4 thoughts on “10-10-10

  1. JoshuaKingEDM310

    Hello Mr. Kaechele,

    I’m Josh King an EDM 310 student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. I’m preparing to be a general education science teacher! I think this is a great question to ask students because this questions makes students becme opinionated and form ideas to answer the question. This is a worthy question because life is going to be full of questions like this. Questions where we have to infer the best possible answer from our educated opinions.

    Next week I’ll be writing some more thoughts about this on my blog.

  2. Caitlyn Lord

    Hello Mr. Kaechele,

    My name is Caitlyn Lord, and I am also from the University of South Alabama. I believe that this is a very good question to ask students. I would ask my students this question to make them realize how to draw their own conclusions, and not rely on others to tell them what the “correct” answer is. Teachers spend a lot of time giving questions that only have one answer. (Maybe it makes it easier for grading…?) But I believe that as educators, we should not only be teaching our students facts and formulas, we should teach them how to learn, how to formulate ideas, and create opinions based on how THEY think. I really like this question, even if it’s not this question per say, but it’s the right idea to getting students to think outside the multiple choice answer box.

    You can see more of my thoughts and opinions on my blog at http://lordcaitlynedm310.blogspot.com/

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