Thing11-Google Docs

This is another great tool. It is so simple there is no learning curve. I think when I get back to school after break I will transfer most of my stuff to it. I would like to know to upload files as opposed to documents???

I do think this should blow Microsoft Office away, but so many people take along time to change unless they are forced to and they will continue to use Microsoft Office. I think open source is the way of the future.

I can see posting my direction sheets for all assignments in Google Docs so students and parents could view them from home.

2 thoughts on “Thing11-Google Docs

  1. tommydot

    I have been using google docs for awhile. I have one complaint/concern. I was all ready to present notes using a powerpoint when “something happened” and it would not open for me. I did get another teacher to share using another e-mail address, but I still don’t know what happened and haven’t been able to fix it. Also, we lost our internet one day. hmmm… what do I do now?
    I think they also have some work to do on google spreadsheets because it doesn’t respond as easily as Microsoft. Anyway, just my observations for what it is worth.

  2. kax

    Thanks for some good points about potential problems. I am thinking of using Google Docs as backup for files that are saved on the district’s server. We had teacher’s lose all of their files this summer when there was a problem with the server. I guess you can never have important files saved in too many places.

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