Thanks for making NovaNow SWEET!

12387232275_1b8d76e324_cJust a short post to say thanks to some of the core people of NovaNow. But not the people that you may be thinking. Of course we are thankful for the parents, students, staff, and especially our principal, Kym Kimber (she deserves a separate post at another time) for making this happen.

But we set the table; others cooked the food. We created a time and space, but everyone else brought the stories that made up the conversations. So we are very thankful for all of you that led a conversation this weekend. Some were large; some were small; some were dialogues; some had us creating; all were inspiring.

Finally a special thanks to #Miched. I definitely feel like the people of the #Miched community were the heart of this conference both as conversation leaders and participants. I want to give special props to Ben Rimes and our school’s own Jeff Bush. I remember when they dreamed up the concept at edcampGR a few years ago.

But I have heard many good ideas without follow through. These guys made it happen with the hashtag, weekly chat, blogposts, and later Brad Wilson’s podcasts. I can’t verify this but I feel like #Miched was one of the first, if not the first state hashtag/weekly chat. Other states have jumped in, but I feel like #Miched is the most active and really become a community. I am proud to be a “member” of the #Miched community.

NovaNow will always be a separate entity but I feel like ultimately it was a celebration of the people of #Miched to get together face to face and grow. I look forward to watching the future of education in our state because of this community!

One thought on “Thanks for making NovaNow SWEET!

  1. Erin Klein

    Hi Mike,

    Great post! I agree… many wonderful individuals at the conference this past weekend. I was honored and inspired to be a part. What a reflective experience!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Erin Klein

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