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My “PLN”

Don’t hear PLN used so much any more. I remember the fun arguments about it but anyway most of the key people that I learn with now have a F2F component to our relationship. That is one of my favorite things about the #MichED community is that I get to physically meet and hang out with them a few times a year. It makes the relationships and growing together stronger.

But my main source of support and growth comes from my colleagues who I can discuss education nuances with daily. So I want to give a shout out to two of them who push my thinking but also could push yours too because they blog.


The first is Trevor Muir who I have referenced in other posts because he is an excellent public speaker. He writes at Shift Paradigm (er) (ing). Trevor’s strength is in caring and relating to students. He gets to know them as humans and connects and grows them as people. He also teaches social studies so we share content interests. The style of his writing is stories (like this one for example) so if you want to be inspired subscribe to his blog. No really you should right now!


by Makenzie Hutchings

by Makenzie Hutchings

The second in Nate Langel who sent me a tweet to a post he wrote last night. So apparently he started a blog a few weeks ago and neglected to tell me! His blog is Quantum Enlanglement. Nate is an energetic science teacher who likes to push kids to passionate learning. He is not afraid to question the thing that we call school and to ask whether or not what we are doing is actually about learning. He will challenge what you think about how school should be. Go subscribe now!

As much as I enjoy my online relationships, these are two of my daily colleagues who push my thinking all of the time. I am excited that they can push yours too! And don’t just read their current post. Go back and read it all. It’s worth your time.