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How Project Based Learning Can Promote Social Emotional Learning Skills

Many facilitators of Project-Based Learning workshops begin by having participants envision the characteristics of their ideal graduate from their school or grade level (sometimes called their portrait of a graduate).

Educators individually answer the prompt, “What do you want your students to know and be able to do after their year with you?” Then the responses are collected and documented as a whole group.

Sample Ideal Graduate protocol from my workshop

I myself have done this protocol with thousands of educators across the country from pre-K to college. The results are always the same. Almost the entire list is outside of the curriculum at first glance. Once in a while, something like reading fluently makes the list, but content is mostly missing. Instead, what teachers suggest are skills.

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Learn with me!

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The ideal way to improve SEL skills for students is to start with the adults. Districts should provide PD where teachers explore their own SEL strengths and weaknesses, modeling strategies that can be used in the core classroom.

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