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We have a New Tech High School opening in our city next year and I am very interested in it. Of course I have a paper resume, but would like to create an on-line portfolio showing off student projects and my ideas on learning. Interested if others have created something similar and what platforms you used. Do you just use your blog and create a page on it about yourself? Perhaps someone has an example they would be willing to share? Appreciate any feedback.

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  1. concretekax

    Like yours alot Sam. I want something that does not “look” like a resume but is more a portfolio of student projects and reflects my views on learning.

  2. sean lancaster

    I would recommend uploading files into Google Docs and using that as the foundation for portfolio development, etc.

    It’s easy to update. It’s easy to make files publicly viewable. You don’t have to maintain it (e.g., I use WordPress and have to update the software and plugins from time to time). I’ve just switched to Google Docs for my own portfolio and so far, so good.

  3. sean lancaster

    here’s a potential workflow using Google Docs:

    i don’t have the many files that you potentially have (e.g., student products). i suspect i could take a picture of an exemplary product a student created and include that.

    just this month, Google Docs added the ability to upload and embed video files:

    and the following file types can be uploaded directly into Google Docs:

    Convert documents – up to 1 MB per file:
    Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), OpenDocument text (.odt), StarOffice text (.sxw)
    Rich text (.rtf), Plain text (.txt), HTML (.htm, .html)
    Convert presentations – up to 10 MB per file:
    Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pps)
    Convert spreadsheets – up to 1 MB per file:
    Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx) files, OpenDocument spreadsheets (.ods).
    Comma-separated values (.csv)
    Convert drawings – up to 2 MB per file:
    Windows Metafile (.wmf)

    Of course, if i had some other odd file that i wanted to include then i’d just upload it to my server space (shared hosting space) and then link to it from Google Docs (e.g., CLICK HERE to download XYZ file).

    i am only using Google Docs for my vita so it’s fairly text heavy at the moment, but your post made me start thinking about it beyond my more simple needs.

  4. Tabitha

    I’m working on my own right now using creating my own resume website. I recently read a great post about creating one and it listed some very helpful information (although I am not sure where it as at) but the key points were to create an About Me Page, Philosophy Page, Examples of Student Work Page, Links to Any Other Websites you manage ie this blog, etc. Hope that helps…

  5. WIS Primary IT

    OH no! Mine just expired as I started a new job this year and didn’t feel like continuing the domain name! I created a tabbed portfolio, which included my resume, certifications, photos of students at work, and examples of student work, all on iweb on a mac. Then I uploaded it to a domain that I bought for like $60 that was just http://www.and my It was an easy way to showcase both my qualifications, skills, and examples of student work all in one place. Schools loved it!

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