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Appreciate all of the comments giving me advice on a platform for an on-line portfolio. I went with a blog on wordpress.com. I have never used it before so there was a little learning curve. The biggest problem was I did not realize that the free version (not self-hosted) will not let you embed video except from YouTube. I also could not get Google Presentations on there so I put it on slideshare. It took some extra work to get everything I wanted in it but I am happy with how it came out. I would appreciate constructive criticism-be honest and brutal please. http://michaelkaechele.wordpress.com/

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  1. Tabitha

    I really like the Name “Wall in the Hall” and your what it is used for, but jut seeing the videos, although neat, I had no idea what they were there for. How do they connect with what you are teaching? Maybe give a short explination of each lesson, the objectives, or what’s going on in the videos to help convay what’s going on in the clssroom. I know the kids are learning because we do alot of learning the same way in my classroom, but when administrators see this, I often have to explain what we are doing so they “get it”. If you were submitting this to me, I wouldn’t know what you were going to be doing in the class with the kids other than playiny and the kids seeming to enjoy themselves, which is great, but I would need to see and know more. I love your list like way of writing your learning philosophy and why you justified writing it as a learning philosophy rather than teaching/education philosophy. The other thing, I know around my neck of the woods (Texas) using alot of educational jargon is appreciated, so I would add some of it, for instance PBL (Project Based Learning) etc, which gives the administrators the sense that you know what your doing (although it is obviouse to me that you do) and can carry an “educated” converstation with them. Although I know these abbreviations and initials are all worthless, the administrators are often the ones who create them, so using them is often key to getting what you want. I’ve learned that a bit of BS and lots of adverbs and adjectives go along way, even though writting this way is not te best use of space. I like that you are tring to keep it simple and sysinct, but I would beef it up a little more. Overall good, but I would want to know what your plans were going to be when you got in the classroom more than anything else, so that would be the area that I would focus in on more-the Wall in the Hall. I know that was alot and even mor run on sentences, but I hope it helps. Do you mind if I steal you “Wall in teh Hall” idea for my online resume, I really like the term!

  2. concretekax

    Thanks Tabitha and Sue for taking the time to look at it. Sue I changed it to a colon, seemed better to me 🙂

    Tabitha, go ahead and use whatever you like. I “stole” the basic design and ideas from other teachers anyway. That’s the purpose of this space-sharing.

    I’m not big on edu-jargon so probably avoided it subconsciously. I intentionally avoided making it look like a traditional resume/portfolio because I want to represent my personality, style of teaching, and show student examples.

    I think I will write some explanations in Google Docs and link to them. I really don’t want to crowd the page with lots of text.

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