#MyParty14 Results

The #MyParty14 election project was a great success. Our students participated in the political process by creating their own parties around issues that mattered to them. We had a “primary” at our school and the top ten commercials were shown to local congressmen along with a two minute stump speech.

My students came in second place in the state wide competition, but I know that we “won” because I watched the students get excited about politics and issues that matter to them. Getting students to realize that they have a voice if they choose to use it was the best part of this project.

Here are a couple of news articles about the project: Huffington Post and School News Network. 

One thought on “#MyParty14 Results

  1. MeLeah Miller

    Hi Mr. Kaechele,
    I loved reading this post. I think this is an awesome way to get students excited and involved in the political process. I would have enjoyed doing something like this in school. Your students did a great job with the Stump Speech and commercial! I love that this project also allowed your students to realize they have a voice. Thanks for sharing!
    MeLeah Miller

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