Google Docs Computer Use Survey

Thanks to a tweet and link from @intrepidteacher I got the idea and source to create a survey about computer usage to start off the school year. He shared this PDF file to me via twitter. I do not know the original author to give credit to.

I find PDF to be terrible to work with plus I wanted to tweak it a bit so I used it to create a survey form in Google Docs.

The beauty of this is that it is paperless and I can invite students by e-mail to fill it out and the results will automatically be put into a spreadsheet for me to easily see the results. If you do not know how to do this check out this video which explains how to make a quiz in Google Docs simply.

I have shared a copy of this Doc with everyone giving you editor’s rights. Feel free to use this survey or adapt as you see fit. Just go to this link. Got to File-Create a new copy. That step is important; otherwise you will be sharing results with everyone and they can edit your copy.

Next rename it as you please and change the rights so it is not shared with everyone.

If you goto Form you can see options to edit form, see live form, and embed form.

To use with students share it with them to view only by their e-mail addresses.


4 thoughts on “Google Docs Computer Use Survey

  1. Chris Miraglia


    This survey using google docs is great. I have used the docs for the other documents in working with fellow teachers, but not with students. The survey will allow me to find out exactly where my 260 8th grade students are at with technology. I teach US History in CA and utilize technology in a variety of ways.. Edublogs, Wikis, Skype etc.



  2. emily waldal

    wow,what a great resource! thank you so much. I created a simple form for the students to report to me what their typing scores were, but this will be so helpful to find out where they are at. I am also using a form for them to report to me if they have a problem with their laptops.

  3. concretekax


    I’m glad you could use it. I am atarting to use Google forms more and more. I used them for a staff survey and a math pre-text. This was very helpful as it quickly showed me the math levels of my students at the beginning of the year so I can divide them by ability.

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