Fight Negativity in Ed!

How to fight the negativity in education? Do something!

Trebuchets made at Chinese exchange student camp

Trebuchets made at Chinese exchange student camp

I used to have to work every summer just to pay my bills. I now have enough years in education to make a living wage (not to mention that my wife has an excellent job). So even though I am not “working” this summer I feel like it has been my busiest summer ever.

Why? Because I keep getting involved in sweet projects. So far I have…

  • Planning our school conference NovaNow
  • PBL workshops with districts
  • Chinese exchange student camp
  • Adding math to my teaching schedule next year
  • Having another student teacher
  • Getting more involved with #miched including
  • Presenting at EdCon for MASSP and
  • Launching the #MyParty14 election project
  • three other major projects that are in “top secret” brainstorming stages but should launch this year.
  • Today I went to the first meeting of Groundswell, a local collaboration with Grand Valley State University and schools working on watershed projects. We are teaming up with them to take our water project further next year.

So basically I am involved in so many formal and informal amazing projects that I can’t be negative about anything in education. I am excited about each partnership, program, people that I am working with, and most of all the student impact that I am super pumped right now.

So my advice if you are feeling discouraged? Find ONE (not a dozen like me) project that you can passionately be apart of with your students this year. There are so many opportunities out there if you spend a bit of effort looking. The extra work will be worth it when you see your students complete meaningful work.

AND as you do that good work share it broadly. Let your administrators, parents, community member, and local media know. Showcase your student work proudly! That is how we change the negative conversations about public education in this country.

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