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MEAP Me Maybe

A local school made this to “pump” kids up to take the state tests this week called MEAP in Michigan. My daughter was shown it before she took her tests.

Most disturbing lines:
“I’m crazy worried”
“I fill the bubbles in and hope that it’s right. I can’t sleep at night.”

Most accurate lines:
“MEAP, Since you came into my life I didn’t miss you that bad.”

There is so much about this that is disturbing to me. Why should elementary students be stressed by high stakes testing? Teachers are reaching at anything to motivate students because of the over-emphasis on these one time tests.

As for my own children they were not even allowed to read books or draw when they finished testing. They just had to sit there.

When the testing was over for the week they did have time to watch a Disney movie. Sigh

What on earth did they learn this week?