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Hoax Site Research Results

A quick update on my “cloning research” assignment. Out of 60 students only 4 gave a clear indication that they did not believe that this site was real. The last question that students had to answer in a Google form was:

“Would you trust this company if you wanted to purchase a clone? Explain”

Many students said, “No” but they did not want a clone for various reasons such as fear, not wanting one, or even ethical or religious reasons.

So the next day I congratulated the students who figured it out and told the rest of the class that they had been tricked. We then had a short discussion about how they should trust no one including the internet, TV, newspapers, textbooks, and teachers. I told them that they should question and doubt everything until proven.

My hope is that it was be a memorable lesson for them.

Filters and Fake Sites

Today was my first day of class, and it flew by. I was not able to have students do my fun research project because it was blocked by the school filter under the category of humor. Wow, humor sure is dangerous! The good news is that I e-mailed my IT dept. and they had it unblocked by the end of the day, and I can teach it tomorrow. So for those of you in the #edchat on Twitter tonight about filtering, don’t give up and keep asking for things to be unblocked.

I was inspired by Cattywampus in an old Reader’s Digest article. Go read it a minute-its better than this post I admit it.

OK, you’re back. I just had to try this idea in my technology classes. I found this site on buying a human clone. The students will answer the questions in this Google form. If you look very closely the site is not very believable. It is also a bit dated from 1997 I think. But most students will not question its authenticity because it is on the Internet and the assignment is from a teacher.

The key question I will analyze is the last one: “Would you trust this company if you wanted to purchase a clone? Explain.” This should show me whether or not they believe the site.

I do not plan to give the students an actual zero in the grade book. But I will be telling them they “failed” if they do not figure out it is fake. Quote of the day will be “Question everything.”And that is the first lesson I want to teach this year.