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Teachers as filters

Check out this suggestion from Mitch Wagner A Simple Fix for Internet Censorship in Schools  Simply stated: Give teachers a code to override the filter when a site is blocked that teachers want students to go to. It seems easy enough and I do not see how it would violate CIPA. I do not buy the negativity in the comments about time wasted. I waste enough time testing sites I want students to access to see if they are blocked and then trying to find work arounds or alternatives. I would gladly take the time in my room to type in a code to override the filter.

If each teacher had their own code then it could be monitored for abuse (the main abuse I would predict is students “stealing” a teacher’s code by watching them type it in) and IT could change the codes if neccessary. Teachers could use their login code that they already have.

Ideally filters would just be opened up for students but as many districts are reluctant to do this using the teacher in the room to judge whether content is “safe” and “educational” is much better than some computer algorithm.

Any IT people out there want to share a problem with this concept? The only drawback I can see from this philosophy is if one does not trust teachers.

Thanks to @anderscj for the link to this article.