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Student-owned Wi-Fi?

Lifehacker reports that the next version of Android operating system could contain “built-in USB tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot sharing.” As an Android owner this is exciting, but what could be the future implications for schools? Obviously this will not be on everyone’s phone overnight, but what about five -ten years from now?

Will this type of technology make cable connections obsolete?
Is paying to put Wi-Fi hotspots in school buildings also a waste of money?
Will schools allow students to use this technology or pay waste money on equipment to block the signals?
Will this help end the filtering debates and make CIPA irrelevant?
I think every school should be 1:1 with internet devices. Allowing student-owned devices is the cheapest way to achieve this. This kind of technology could also finally make internet access available to everyone at a reasonable cost and help level the educational playing field for all children. Or educators could get scared and reactionary and do whatever they can to prevent this technology from being implemented in schools. Hmmm….
Thanks to @ijohnpederson for pointing out the article.