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I’ve known about podcasting but have never listened to them except to messages from my church if I miss. I set up an itunes account which I found to be aggravating. Many of the podcasts were boring to me. I like the RSS feeds better because I can skim and pick the blogs that I want to read. I also can skim an article. Podcasts require you to listen to alot of it to determine if it is worthwhile.

One podcast that was interesting was The Works with Glenn Fleishman Podcast. It is from a local NPR station and discusses the latest technology issues. This particular podcast talks about a move by record companies to release music with out restrictions making it free. Of particular interest to me was a discussion about primary source material being published on the web. It talked about Europeana a site of sources from through out Europe and Google publishing all of the pictures from Life Magazine. This podcast would help me keep track of the latest tech trends and give ideas to use or have students research in class.

I like the professional podcasts like NPR best. The student podcasts on Willow Web are good examples of having students make podcasts.