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National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Today was supposed to be the launch of our school’s greatest project ever including field trips to local factories. Unfortunately weather got involved and we had massive closings (our school buses in students from 20 different local districts) and our busing canceled the trip on us. We ended up with about 25% of our student body showing up so what should we do? Well when you are given lemons you make…bubble wrap!

On the way to work I heard that today is national bubble wrap appreciation day. So we took the protocols learned from Chad Sansing’s Flying Schools Educon session and adapted them to this “special” day. Students went through the design process creating new applications for bubble wrap.

 They made boats that really float 

 Bow ties are cool!
Animal Clothing
Gun target with paint in it that “pops” out when it is hit.
A steering wheel that you can pop when you are stressed. 

If you didn’t catch the reference this came from The Reichenbach Fall. 

All in all it turned into a good introduction to design thinking. We have a long ways to go in particular in the area of improving on our original ideas but it was a good first step and I look forward to implementing this kind of thinking into future projects.