6 best reasons to attend #edcampGR

#1 Derek Braman– Derek is a 5th great teacher in Kentwood. He loves learning and gives his kids great lessons that are both hands-on and tech-based. Derek teaches an after school club in the programming software Kodu. Derek is also a fun person who loves Star Wars (what else do I need to say about him). If you are an elementary or middle school teacher you need to get to know Derek.

#2 Ira Socol– Ira is a former New York City policeman, architect, and is now getting his doctorate in education from MSU. He is a writer or books and blogs. His expertise is in UDL and the history of education. He dreams of education that is personalized and meaningful for every student. Ira questions just about everything about the system of education. When you talk to Ira you will see a different perspective and that is a good thing.

#3 David Britten-David is a former military officer and current superintendent. David has a no nonsense approach that is focused on students. He cares about students and authentic learning. He will not let politicians’ mandates get in the way of what he knows is best for his students. If you are an administrator you definitely could learn from David. 

#4 Andy Losik– Andy is an elementary technology teacher and former Michigan edu-tech teacher of the year. Andy has tons of experience using technology to support learning at the elementary level and is always willing to share his expertise with others.

#5 Deanna Rolffs– Deanna is a school improvement consultant at KISD. She is an expert on using data to improve instruction and standards based assessment. I think Deanna’s greatest skill is her ability to listen and facilitate difficult topics. She is a truly caring person.

#6 Ron Houtman– Ron is the Wizard behind the screen of edcampGR. He is the brains and the organizer of this event. Ron is an educational technology integrator. Basically Ron knows just about everything about how to effectively use technology for student learning. Ron is also kind and helpful-basically loved by everyone.

The best thing about these people is that I call them all my friends. Many of them I “knew” online before we ever met face to face but I definitely am glad to have met them and have grown from the knowledge and support of each of them.They may not really be “the best” reasons to come to edcampGR because I could have picked Ben Rimes, Melanie Gray, Dan Spencer, David Coffey, Brooke Storms, or Sarah Wood instead. The point is that there is going to be a great group of motivated, passionate educators that you should meet and learn with at edcampGR.

So mark your calendar for November 5th, register, and join the conversations!

4 thoughts on “6 best reasons to attend #edcampGR

  1. Angela Pitts

    Hi, Michael.

        My name is Angela Pitts and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. The edcampGR sounds like a fabulous conference, with some great resources that provide helpful tips and tools to help educators. Your top six list of professionals that plan on attending sounds like a great group committed to education and making it a positive and productive system for student learning.

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