Brand New SEL and PBL Workshops!

Due to the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a renewed interest in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in schools. While this is a great shift, in many places SEL is limited to an extra activity during morning meetings at the elementary level or during advisory at the secondary level.

What might it look like to successfully integrate SEL skills into daily classroom routines using the PBL framework?

In this post-Covid landscape, teachers need tools to integrate Social and Emotional Learning into the daily fabric of their classrooms without losing time for academic content. If you don’t plan to teach SEL skills upfront, you will lose academic time as students struggle throughout the year. Explicitly teaching Transformative SEL competencies is an unparalleled opportunity to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning environment for ALL learners. PBL generates organic situations to intentionally foster the SEL competencies daily.

  • How do I leverage student social and cultural identities to develop their Self-Awareness?
  • How do I build students’ ability to Self-Manage their time, task, and teams?
  • How do I create student experiences that heighten empathy to sharpen their Social Awareness?
  • How do I strengthen students’ capacity for collaboration and communication to forge productive Relationship Skills?
  • How do I present authentic opportunities for Responsible Decision-Making in projects to affect their communities and their lives? 
  • How do I assess the SEL competencies to ensure ALL students apply their skills in meaningful learning?

I am excited to announce summer workshops based on my upcoming book that address how to teach, practice, and assess SEL competencies by integrating them into your daily routines and practices. These workshops are perfect way for your school to “level up” their PBL practices.

Workshop Offerings:

Transformative SEL 1-3 day workshop options offer tried and true strategies on how each of the five SEL competencies can be seamlessly taught, practiced, and assessed inside the PBL framework. 

Pulse of PBL-3 day introduction to PBL (with an SEL flavor) where participants design their 1st project for their classroom.

Planning/coaching sessions -structured planning time and coaching with feedback protocols

All workshops model a PBL framework with specific examples, protocols, and stories from both elementary and secondary classrooms around the US that illustrate how PBL and SEL are a powerful combination. Transformative SEL changes the way students see themselves as learners, becoming active participants in their communities and the world! 

Let’s Connect!

One and done Professional Development is ineffective. Here’s a great little post about questions you should be asking before you hire a consultant. I would be glad to develop a vision with you!

Summer dates are filling up fast. Please reach out to me at if you would like to discuss how I could partner with your school for any of these workshop or coaching options.