Big Picture SEL Podcast & Free Resources from Our Book

A couple of quick updates: First, I had a great time discussing Social and Emotional Learning with Nini White. The primary focus of her podcast is on early elementary education so the examples that I shared focused on that age group. We talked about a couple of the misconceptions of SEL and how we can effectively teach, practice, and assess SEL skills in any classroom.

Free Resources

Matinga and I have released a whole slew of resources from our recent book, Pulse of PBL: Cultivating Equity Through Social Emotional Learning. Sign up for our newsletter for free access to all of the strategies in the book.

Pulse of PBL

Learn with me!

If you are interested in how your school can use a PBL framework to teach SEL skills. I would love to have a conversation on how I can help. I have limited availability for PBL & SEL workshops during the school year so contact me early. Check out my workshop page or drop me an email at I would love to chat and co-plan meaningful PD for the educators at your school.