Famous vs. Happy

Changing the world is good for those who want their names in books. But being happy, that is for those who write their names in the lives of others, and hold the hearts of others as the treasure most dear.

Orson Scott Card in Children of the Mind p.354

Really enjoying the end of the year with this group of students who I have looped with for a second year. There is something very powerful in that.

Today we gave the students silly topics to practice mini-debates so they could get the hang of debating and see how difficult it is. One group did not like the topic of “Monster vs. Red Bull” that we gave them and instead wanted to do “Kaechele vs. Holly” (my teaching partner). It ended up being pretty hilarious and is just one example of the relationships we both have with them.

It’s not part of the common core, but I bet more students will remember that debate than the ones that they do on immigration next week.

I will take happy over famous any day.

One thought on “Famous vs. Happy

  1. paul bogush


    Yet another problem I have with ccss…the whole thing is built so that they are “prepared” to one day increase a business’s profit. Elementary school ready so they will be middle school ready so they will be high school ready so they will be college ready so they will be career ready so they can get a job and help a business make money and then earn money so they can buy stuff to make other businesses make more money and the whole time businesses get to make more money off of the kids as they go through the preparation process…

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