Gee: “Learning should be both frustrating and life enhancing, what I will later call ‘pleasantly frustrating.’ the key is finding ways to make hard things enhancing so that people keep going and don’t fall back on learning only what is simple and easy.” (p.3)

Gee distinguishes “critical learning” as a step beyond “active learning” in a given domain (area of literacy) by “the learner being able to “think about the domain at a ‘meta’ level as a complex system of interrelated parts. The learner also needs to learn how to innovate in the domain–how to produce meanings that, while recognizable to experts in the domain, are seen as somehow novel or unpredictable.” (p.25)

Gee: “One good way to make people look stupid is to ask them to learn and think in terms of words and abstractions that they cannot connect in any useful way to images or situations in their embodied experiences in the world.” (p.72).

Gee: “Abstraction rises gradually our of the ground of situated meaning and practice and returns there from time to time or it is meaningless to most human beings.” (87)

Idea: in video games players learn how to play the game by playing interactive tutorials. How do we embed this kind of practice of basic skills into interesting inquiry rather than drill and kill exercises. p.114,166,122,123,124

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